Airodock – Walk on Water




Lancer industries are proud to offer one of the most unique temporary docking systems in the world. The features of the Airodock are completely revolutionary, with no other product on the market able to offer this system or characteristics.

One of the strengths of Airodock’s design is its simple construction. This allows for individual customer needs such as length, shape or layout of existing fittings. It is also light, strong, safe and stable. Construction, turnaround time and delivery are very quick, as well as being very cost effective compared with traditional docking systems.

Initially, the Airodock was primarily designed as a temporary wharf or jetty, useful at a holiday house or any temporary aquatic event. Because of its popularity and ease of use, it has also been adapted to be used as a floatplane walkway, water skiing station, marina system and many more.


dropstitchThee Airodock is made from outer layers of Hypalon with a high tensile strength nylon thread joining the surfaces. A thick density of threads insures strength and built in redundancy. This allows the Airodock to be inflated to an operating pressure that creates a solid stable platform.

The fabric is 200mm high and can layer to create steps.

The surface has a non slip texture that is durable. This can be cleaned and repaired using traditional inflatable boat methods.


The manufacturing of the Airodock uses a modified method of inflatable boat construction. Lancers has used it world leading manufacturing methods to research and develop a product which meets the highest standards.

Standard fittings include D rings, inflation valves and a pressure relief valve. Under water stabilisers similar to those found on list rafts are attached to the underside of the Airodock to increase stability.


Airodock is an extremely stable platform. On standard width dock (1.4m) there is over 100kgs of buoyancy for every 750mm. It is possible to stand on the edge of the platform safely.

Initially users may be hesitant and a natural walking style is recommended for maximum stability. The sensation is like “walking on water”.

The key to a stable Airodock is correct inflation and have an end fixed as firmly to an adjoining solid surface such as a transom, beach or wharf.


Multi use

Airodocks are a versatile product, in one role they may be creating a temporary beach wharf or super yacht Transom beach. With very little effort this can be transformed into water skiing or swimming platform or any other use where a marine platform is needed.

The Airodock is a perfect platform for maintenance enabling work to be done over a larger area, while keeping all equipment accessible.

There are many uses for the Airodock and is popular in areas where laws prohibit permanent structures.

As a transom platform it is a perfect tender mooring point and acts as a large fender between the main vessel and tender.


Airodock - Marina System

Airodock – Marina System

On smaller size Airodock’s manual bellows are suitable however on sizes larger than 5 metres we recommend an electric or compressor based inflation device.

A 10 metre dock can be inflated and secured by one person in 15 minutes. During a timed test fit, 3 crew inflated two 8mx1.4 metre docks and one 6mx2.8m beach, then attached it to transom in a marina style configuration in less than 30 minutes.

Inflation/deflation valves are standard valves found in numerous inflatables throughout the world. Most users are already familiar inflatable boats and find deployment straightforward.

Operating pressure is 18kpa which should be checked shortly after deployment due to temperature changes in water.

During design consultation Lancer works with the customer to decide on an attachment method. This varies with customer’ requirements and a variety of options exist. An attachment method should be simple, quick and low maintenance.


While Airodock comes in standard sizes, most are customised to suit individual users. This creates a product which is fit for purpose and meets requirements.

Standard sizes are; 1.4m x 5m, 1.4m x 10m, 2.8m x 3m and 2.8m x 5m.

Standard sizes of Airodocks are available and can be joined to make various shapes. The photograph on the right shows two standard 5mx1.4m Airodocks attached to create a wharf

There are few constraints in the shapes that can be produced. Any width or length can be produced; shapes can be integral to each other or individual.

When considering Airodock it is advised that Lancer is consulted at an early stage. By working together at an early stage the end result is a dock that is does what you require.