Hypalon Small RIBs – RT230/280

Tube Diameter
Floor boards
Max Load KG
Max Pax
Max HP
RT230 2.5 1.49 0.39 2 42.5 250 3 5
RT280 2.8 1.5 0.405 2 40 485 5 10

A Lightweight Rigid Inflatable Boat designed for maximum stability and load  carrying ability. Featuring Lancer’s Tubes that create the best hydrodynamic hull shape, for a dry seaworthy boat. The wide shallow hull provides an excellent planing surface for maximum performance with low powered engines.  Compact blunt stern for maximum internal length and ease of storage.

The hull is made from 2.5mm folded sheet aluminium hull complete with strakes. The tube is hypalon for long term performance and reliability.