Inflatable Boat Repair

Inflatable Boat Repair – A thorough Guide


Inflatable Boat RepairInflatable boat repairs can be straight forward to repair. Minor damage is often repairable to most people without any previous training. For more experienced operators, advanced field repairs are possible with the correct equipment.

At Lancer we readily give advice to the recreational boater, the navy, or the remote super yacht on how to repair. Please feel free to contact us for advice no matter where you are or what product you are repairing.

The below links are a selection of common Repair Issues in PDF.


Do I have PVC/PU or Hypalon?

A common question for inflatable boats repairs, the attached document gives background on the materials and how to diagnose the difference between Hypalon and PVC / PU.

Lancer Repairs - PVC or Hypalon Inflatable Material

 Inflatable Boat Soap Test

A soap test is an important step to locating a hole or loss of air in an inflatable boat. This explains how to find the air leak and the basics of diagnosing the fault.

Lancer Repairs - Soak test and Diagnosis


Minor Inflatable Boat Repairs

Inflatable Boat RepairMinor Repairs are based on using contact adhesive and while they may last a long time, they are not considered a permanent repair.

Lancer Repairs - Minor Hypalon Inflatable Repairs
Lancer Repairs - Minor PVC or PU Inflatable Repairs


Advanced Inflatable Boat Repairs

The below documents cover some more advanced techniques and require 2 part glues. These repairs can be conducted in the field by expert repairers or in an emergency.

Lancer Repairs - Advanced Hypalon Instructions 
Lancer Repairs - Minor Seam Failure Repair
Lancer Repairs - Internal Patch

 Repairs Materials and Equipment

Stand by for the Lancer online store coming soon

Lancer can supply all equipment required for Inflatable Boat Repair. This includes shipping. Note that our 2 part glue is a dangerous good for shipping. Please contact on our online enquiry form or email  directly if you have images or more detailed information to provide. Images are very useful for assisting with repair information please provide this with your email.