Lancer Barges

Tube Dia
(Tonne/US gal)
Packed dim
(cu m/ft)
B05 6.4/21 2.2/7.2 1/3.3 0.52/1.7 4+3 5/1375 0.65/22.9 225/496
B10 7.28/23.9 2.6/8.5 1.35/4.4 0.59/1.9 5+1 10/2750 0.94/33.2 290/639
B25 9.8/32.2 3.3/10.8 1.4/4.6 0.79/2.6 7+1 25/6875 1.89/66.7 470/1036
B50 12.7/41.7 4.1/13.5 1.9/6.2 0.79/2.6 7+1 50/13750 2.28/80.5 595/1311
B100 15.5/50.9 5.5/18.0 2.7/6.9 1.0/3.3 9+1 100/27500 4.05/143 887/1955

Proven storage system for fuel and oil. Able to be rapidly deployed and operate in severe conditions, Lancer’s Inflatable Barge is the world’s number one choice.

For 20 years the Lancer Barge has served around the globe with an impeccable record. The ease of operation has made the range of Lancer barges standard equipment worldwide and for numerous response organisations.


A Lancer barge comes packed ready for deployment in a stowage box. The barge can be stored for up to 30 years with minimal scheduled maintenance checks. The Barge can be transported land, sea or air.


The Lancer Barge can deployed by a small crew with the correct equipment in less than 1 hour. Inflation can be by electrical/mechanical or compressed air blower. The barges can be man handled for deployment. A key benefit of the barge is the ease of deployment and recovery.


Lancer Barge - Easy manouvering

Lancer Barge – Easy manouvering

The Barge behaves like a traditional barge and a tow operator can be enlisted to tow a barge. The barge does not require drogues or towing aids to tow predictably. Internal thwarts reduce slop and the enclosed roof stops contamination.

The Barge can be towed side on or bow on and up to 3 barges can be towed in “daisy chain” formation. Large vessels are not required for moving barges; an inflatable with a 40hp can manoeuvre a fully loaded barge in good conditions.


Large filling port allow operators to easily deploy single or multiple hoses or pumps directly into the barge. This increases the speed of operation and allows for simplified cleaning.

The Lancer barge can be deployed alongside a stricken vessel and liquid fuels pumped directly or used as storage for up to 21 days.


Lancer Barge - Easy Cleaning

Lancer Barge – Easy Cleaning

The Lancer Barge is safe and simple to clean. With the barge positioned on land the roof can be removed to allow complete and open access. The decanting hose controls effluent to ensure containment of pollution.


The Lancer Barge system is similar across the entire range. Staff familiar with model can competently operate other models. This reduces training costs and lack of familiarity with staff when deployed.


The Lancer barge is a stable and safe work platform. With the edition of a deck, it can be used for oil boom deployment and recovery, dispersant spraying, skimming, lightering goods, fire fighting, control centre and salvage operations to name a few. Salvage


The Lancer barge is able to opeate in Artic to Tropical conditions. The barge can be left exposed to the elements for prolonged periods with no deterioration. The Barge is able to be towed in up to 6 foot significant seas.


Lancer Barge - 6 foot significant seas

Lancer Barge – 6 foot significant seas

All materials selected for the barge have undergone Lancer’s rigorous inspection. The hull and roof are made from Hypalon which has proven long term chemical resistance. Lancer is the Southern Hemisphere oldest inflatable manufacturer that has a reputation for quality.


The Lancer Barge has undergone constant design improvements, as a result of 20 years of experience. The design incorporates several patents that give added strength and simplified decanting and cleaning.


The Lancer barge has consistent towing with no yawing/porpising, requires no special training for efficient towing, no special skills for handling at sea, simple and efficient cleaning, no need for liner, safer cleaner system, easydecanting, direct access to cargo, and made from top quality materials.