Lancer Inflatable Tender – T230/280

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 Built Tough for reliability

The Lancer Inflatable boat range is a compact versatile tender suitable for rowing or a small outboard. The raised floor gives a catamaran effect which improves rowing and towing. The gradual bow rise deflects spray down giving a soft dry ride. Large diameter tubes ensure excellent stability while Lancer’s unique rounded stern maximises internal room and stow-ability.

Inflatable Dinghy T280

Inflatable Dinghy T280 – Rowing

Key features.

  •  Hypalon fabric.  Ensures long and trouble free life.  Easy to clean and resistant to most fuel and pollution.  Will not perish or deteriorate in the sun.
  • Roomy.  The square bow and compact stern maximise internal space.
  •  Dry.  The tube rise steadily from amidships to raise the bow,  which prevents splash.
  • Speedy.  The floor is inset enabling the hull to ride skim along like a catermaran.
  • Easily stored.  Takes minimal space and can be assembled quickly.
  • Safe.  Multi compartments, tough materials and intrinsic stability gives maximum safety.

Lancer’s Tenders are premium quality boats, aimed at giving the maximum room and comfort in a compact shape.   Structurally it is made to the same uncompromising standards of the larger Sports and Supersports boats.   It is an excellent load carrying work horse.


1.         SHAPE

Inflatable Boat T230

Inflatable Boat T230

For its length it is a very roomy boat and compares favourably with other much bigger boats.  The wide bow is very functional.   The Transom is positioned well aft to maximise internal space.   The stern cones are squat and improve stowability.

In a small boat where you are close to the water it is important to design in features to keep the crew dry.  This is why the bow starts to rise gradually from amidships,   this lifts the bow out of the water,   which ensures that waves hitting the bow are deflected downward and not into the boat.    Also, the bow doesn’t taper abruptly presenting a blunt skolders to catch waves.  Inflatables need at least 2 angles in the bow  to optimise their shape.


The Lancer Tender is built like a little catamaran and does not need a keel.  This shape helps the boat to track when being rowed or towed.  By comparison a flat bottom boat slips sideways like a saucer! The recessed bottom also confines the wear to rub strips under the tubes when the boat is pulled up a beach.  The rub strips are made from the same material that is used on “Commercial River Running” boats.

Inflatable Dinghy T280 – Rowing

An inflatable keel is offered as an optional extra, where higher horsepower motors are to be used or where the floorboards are to be kept dry, by creating a bilge cavity around the keel.

Some inflatables are difficult to row because their underwater shape is like a saucer and the boats spin and drift sideways. However the catamaran affect of the Lancermakes the boat track and hold its line when rowing.