World’s Largest RIBs

Lancer holds 3 consecutive records for the worlds largest rigid in inflatable boats (RIB). During the 80′s Lancer set unprecedented records with tube sizes culminating in a 17m Collar provided for the Australian Navy Submarine programme. This was later beaten in 1996 with two 20m Tubes supplied for America’s cup yachting syndicates. Lancer currently holds the record for the worlds largest multi-hull RIB tube collar on a 14 metre catamaran.

Lancer also builds bespoke large RIB’s and has several options in the 10-14m range. Larger sizes are able to be built and customised for individual clients needs. This ability is unique and managing the complex nature o a build of this size requires a team of experts. Lancer has a team of experienced and talented designers, project managers and builders at out disposal which ensure a successful vessel.

Lancer can also provide re-tube and refit services and completed the worlds largest Inflatable re-tube in 2012.