Ultra Vee – RS340/395

Tube Diameter
Floor boards
Max Load KG
Max Pax
Max HP

The Lancer RS range is intended for operation where sea keeping, stability and safety are combined with the need for speed, light weight and durability. The RS395 incorporates a significant advancement in tube design. The tube features Lancer’s patented “3T” tube design capabilities. The 3T tube permits the advantages of hull form and tube function to work in partnership.

The tube allows for the hull to have sharper bow entry and fair to a medium V at the stern. This manages the wave handling benefits of a sharper entry at the bow with the speed gained from a shallower angle hull at the transom. This ensures the boat is ideally suited for coastal and sheltered waterways work

A major advantage of the RS395 is the tube profile deflects spray away from the passengers allowing for a more comfortable journey. The profile reduces tube drag when planing, by only the rear most sections touching the water. The benefits are twofold, increased stability at speed and rest as well as less effort required to achieve optimal speeds.