Performance RIBs 5.2m – 8.5m

Lancer has developed a range of RIBs that suit virtually any application in the medium RIB range. Using Lancers project management and design team a standard layout can be customised or start with a bare boat and build the ultimate RIB for your use.

Lancer offers a range of medium size RIBs that have performance and comfort in mind. A variety of consoles and arrangements are able to built into the layout of each RIB. A key feature of Lancers approach to the RIB market is customisation, while there are standard layouts every customer is different and requires a boat that meets their needs.

Like a road car one chassis can be used for multiple models and layouts. We start with the hull that meets the requirements, whether it be a performance deep vee or a wide body RIB. We then work with the customer to build the boat using existing console options or a bespoke layout.

All RIBs are capable of carrying high power motors or inboard engines with stern or jet drive systems. Lancer has a lot of expierence with jet drives and has supplied these to defence and Super yachts around the world