Professional Series Inflatable Boat

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Floor boards
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The Lancer Professional Range of inflatable boats is intended for use where speed, portability and durability are combined with the need for maximum sea-keeping performance in exposed water.

Lancer decided to develop an inflatable incorporating totally new concepts to meet commercial requirements for offshore use. A computer programme was developed to establish stresses and pressures at various points in the hull during operations. The design parameters then discovered, led to the development of a new concept in inflatable craft with a 23 degree Vee amidships, able to handle the worst sea conditions but still permitting a smooth flow of water to the propeller. In addition the Lancer design allows the boat to flex to absorb the shock of heavy seas. Lancer Professional craft have a similar sea-keeping ability to a rigid hull inflatable but with a greater ability to absorb shock and impact damage.

Compared with Rigid Hull Inflatables it has similar sea keeping ability but is lighter, cheaper and better able to absorb shock and resist damage.

Research was carried out over a number of years to investigate the requirements of the offshore user. Those findings define the features incorporated into the professional range. Lancer received one of the coveted Design Awards given annually by the New Zealand Industrial Design Council for the development.

This is a truly exceptional boat incorporating new design principles and technology not found in any other inflatable boat, world -wide