Leisure RIB RL360/440

Tube Diameter
Floor boards
Max Load KG
Max Pax
Max HP
RL360 3.6 1.68 0.45 3 108 400 5 25
RL440 4.4 2 0.45 3 210 600 8 60

The RL440 and RL360 have proved successful ina  range of conditions. Although designed for more sheltered waters these boats have been used in some demanding seas.


Available in a  number of layouts to suit our customers requirements, whether you after a yacht club tender or a tender for your super yacht. The large volume tubes give safety and stability while maintaining a roomy cockpit. The hull has advanced strakes and a step to improve efficiency. This boat performs surprisingly well in most conditions. The deck is fully moulded and beautifully styled with deck step, drain well etc.