Commercial Grade Towable Water Toys

The toughest towable toys on the market

Lancer has a reputation for quality and reliability, as a commercial operator or serious water sports enthusiast you require the best. The towable inflatable water toy now has a commercial grade option.

Lancer builds tough, the same technology and construction that has proven itself in extreme conditions is in every towable toy. Our inflatable toys are designed to stay in service from the tropics to the arctic. All seams are built over strength and exceed ISO1685,

Reliability is essential either in terms of revenue or a ruined weekend. An impeccable service history with operators makes us the preferred choice for customers who require the right tools.

Aerosled – The Rocket!DSC_0324

The ultimate in a commercial grade “Rocket” or “Banana Boat”. The ultimate in design and  technology, designed to withstand the rigours of commercial use in all weather and sun conditions.

The Hypalon fabric resists prolonged exposure to UV and is exceedingly abrasion resistant.  Extensively used in Fiji because of its robust construction, exciting design, simplicity of operation

and low maintenance.

  • Available in 5 or 7 person. 
  • Enhanced towing system which reduces capsize and gives the boat operator greater control
  • Custom sizes and colours available.

Flying Saucer 1

Flying Saucer

The Flying Saucer is the commercial answer to the towable biscuit. Lancer conducted research into why the biscuit failed in the commercial envioronment and the answer was simple. It is designed as a toy and built to a recreational standard.

Lancer built the Flying saucer to cater for the market that wants a more extreme personal ride. It behaves and acts like a traditional biscuit or tube.


  •  Available in a range of highlight colours
  • 1-2 passengers
  • custom sizes and shapes available


Magic Carpet

Using lancer’s Airodock material the magic carpet is an inflatable toy that has a wide range of uses.


The Magic carpet is an Airodock designed to be towed. It can be used as a towable or a platform. It has predictable towing, reduced capsizing and is easy to get on and off.

For the less adventurous at low speeds it is a safe, fun platform. We have had parents accompany young children on the magic carpet at 5 knots in shallow waters.

While not as extreme as a Flying Saucer or Rocket at faster speeds the ride is exhilarating. Ideal to be towed behind a yacht or launch as a swim platform for snorkellers and swimmers.

Available in custom sizes and trim colours.