Ultra Vee Inflatable Boat

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A distinctive streamlined hull which features a reverse sheer in the buoyancy tube at the bow and a radial bow, plus an extremely deep inflatable keel. This ensures a very dry and soft riding boat in all conditions, while retaining an easily driven buoyant hull. The strong floor boards provide rigidity associated with an RIB.


A common misconception is that inflatable boat are wet hard riding beasts that shake, bounce and flop all over the ocean. In most cases that is correct, but that is not so with Lancers Ultra Vee range.

Ultra Vee Keel

Ultra Vee Keel

Traditionally in the slightest chop any wave that hits the inflatable tube, crashes against the big blunt bow and lands up slopping inboard wetting all and sundry. The thump of the wave, bounces the light buoyant boat, like a fist hitting a balloon. “Wow it’s no wonder they are uncomfortable!”.

The lack of mass to penetrate into choppy waves, big flat bows, low profile and minimal sheer (bow turn up) leaves you getting smacked by every little ripple.

Lancer has pioneered a radically new concept that dramatically improves the comfort and sea keeping characteristics of inflatable boats. Now it’s a case of whether you want to ride the old mountain mule or fly on a racehorse.

The first problem is that most inflatable have long parallel sections with a sharp short bow. The suddenness of the turn up or sheer creates a blunt bow, leaving a shoulder low in the water that slams badly and catches waves flicking water inside. The use of a keel may help with buoyancy forward but essentially the keel should not be used to overcome design faults in tube shape.

The trend to single curve tubes improves the visual appearance but does nothing to improve performance. – comfort, dryness. You just can’t get a single banana shaped tube, single curve, to follow the required line. That set Lancer designing the first “multi-curved” tube. A patented tube that twists and turns just where is has to go. The result is style, class but above all comfort, performance, dryness……

The “single-curve” tube design can be likened to placing a banana on the side of the boat. If the banana is placed flat on its side, it gives the boat a nice taper as it moves to the bow, but does not provide any bow rise to keep the boat dry. If the banana is rotated slightly, to combine horizontal taper and bow rise, it digs deep into the water amidships exactly where depth is not required. The boat will always be wet because of the bad tube shape. Granted you can stick a big buoyant keel under the boat to lift the tubes clear, but that doesn’t change the basic problem.

Lancer’s “multi-curve” overcomes these problems. At the back of the boat the tubes have no curve, running parallel to optimise performance, but amidships the tube starts to curve upwards giving a gentle lift, it is as though the banana is placed vertically on its edge. The tube then rolls to about 45 degrees so that it curves inward and upward, then it lies horizontally curving inward with no rise. The effect is a long flowing “multi-curve”, that gives perfect planning characteristics back aft, great sheer amidships that prevents splash and a lovely graceful stylish bow. This shape is often referred to as sequential lift.

U470 - Ultra Inflatable

U470 – Ultra Inflatable

The second concern with inflatables relates to comfort, where slamming or jarring is a feature of their lightweight and shallow depth of “Vee”. In a rigid boat comfort is built into the design by the way it is weight and sharpness of the bow that sink into a wave, rather than bouncing rapidly in the opposite direction. The lightness of an inflatable is normally the unique feature that makes the inflatable so popular. Lancer has therefore experimented with ways of modifying the sharpness of the bow to improve comfort.

To increase comfort, Lancer has pioneered the development of a patented, “double bubble” system where a small tube is placed under a larger tube. The effect is a radically deeper sharper bow. This has made it possible to offer the same, or greater, depth of vee that is used in a RIB or conventional boat.

But even better by combining the “multi-curved” tube with the “double bubble”, the benefits are doubled.

At the critical point where the keel strikes the water, the “multi-curved” tube design can be lifted high above the water, and the double bubble can be deepest. The two features working together to achieve an even deeper vee. It is this depth of vee that gives the new Lancers a uniquely comfort ride. With increased sharpness the hull can now slice through the waves and reduce the shock and jar associated with traditional inflatables

For people thinking they need an RIB’s to obtain a softer drier ride, the new Lancer Ultra Vee range of inflatable boats offers a real choice. Lancer has maximised the benefits of the inflatable boat by retaining it’s cheapness and lightness while radically transforming the softness and dryness of the ride.

The Lancer “Ultra Vee” is truly an inflatable boat with real difference.